The Web, Salad Bars and Bowls

I recently corresponded with a co-worker about a request someone in our company had for customers to be able to pick content and features from our existing Websites and assemble them into a new site, without including anything they didn’t want. The conversation started with my writing my co-worker that, “The Web is a salad bar; they want a salad bowl, one where they can pick from the bar what they want and put it all in one place.”

“Bowls are easy to make,” was her response.

Based on my experience in Web development, I felt compelled to respond with this: “You just need a team of twelve employees, each with specialized job roles, months of requirements gathering, even more months for development, a few days of beta testing, and a training session where any bugs are explained as features — and, by the way, we will develop the forks next year, in the meantime, use your fingers …”


By Christian Lee

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